Daniel is an artist who not only uses his music but also life experiences to communicate and connect on a more personal level. Daniel is particularly passionate about causes around anti-bullying, how to deal with depression and the trauma created by grief, and aims to deliver his message in a way that is fun, engaging and impactful. He trusts and believes that we all have the ability to succeed and overcome any obstacle which is why his positive messaging resonates with so many.

Daniel offers talks known as ‘An Audience with Daniel’ which include:

  • How to deal with grief
  • How to manage depression
  • Challenging bullying
  • Career mindset building

Daniel also offers workshops such as:

  • The Grief and Creativity Workshop
  • The Carers, Caring and Creativity Workshop
  • The Issues and Creativity Workshop
    Additionally, Daniel also offers 1-to-1/group mentoring for young people/adults who feel somewhat weighed down in life and just need that support with jumping onto their ladder to success. As we all have one! If you are interested in booking Daniel for a workshop or talk, or interested in mentoring, please contact with any queries.
    “Amazing, engaging and full of empathy” – Lucie Lazarus, Grief Encounter
    ‘’Engaging, helpful and motivating’’ – Kemi Omijeh, Highgate School
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