Born on 1st August 1997, LGBTQ+ artist Daniel Molyneaux is on a life-long mission to help normalise the existence of LGBT people through his music.

With a passion for music since his childhood, as well as attending two performing arts schools from the tender age of 7, Daniel Molyneaux officially embarked on his career in music at the age of 14; releasing various remixes of songs, and filling a number of school exercise books with his lyrics.

His talent is one thing, but his bold and open honesty as a gay man truly reinforces his openness and sets him apart as an LGBT example. His musical skill is obvious, however it’s also his commitment to making the world a better place which makes him as a special artist that’s worth watching. As an independent artist, Daniel has already been supported by BBC Radio London, BBC Radio West Midlands, Capital Xtra, Attitude Magazine and Metro Newspaper to name a few.

Will you also support him in his life-long legacy of normalising the existence of LGBT pople in society?